The East Atlanta neighborhood is located in the eastern section of the Atlanta, Georgia area. The business core of this neighborhood is what gives East Atlanta Village its name.

Laid-back East Atlanta, also known as East Atlanta Village, is a hippie community known for its murals. Flat Shoals Road is home to numerous yoga studios, independent stores, dive bars, and eateries, all of which attract a youthful, trendy local crowd. The EARL is one of the city’s popular nightlife spots, and it regularly features performances by both regional and national acts. Brownwood Park is close by and features a variety of amenities like trails, woodland areas, and sports facilities like tennis courts.

Former East Atlanta residents often reminisce about simpler times, when a Craftsman bungalow could be purchased for the same amount as a used Tesla. But the tenacious character of this area lives on in the music of people like Gucci Mane and Camila Cabello. Plans are in the works to fix the crooked Moreland Avenue and Glenwood Avenue intersection in East Atlanta, which is so confusing and bizarre that it was featured in a book by a Hawaiian artist.

Similarly to its more famous northern neighbor, Little Five Points, East Atlanta Village (EAV) is home to a relaxed, laid-back atmosphere and a plethora of bars where the crowd can get pleasantly raucous (at places like Midway Pub) when the right game is on. Even though brand-new townhomes and single-family houses routinely go for well into the $600,000s on the market, this remains the case.

Still, assume $300,000 is your maximum budget, and you can purchase a nice small house within walking distance of the local watering holes and restaurants. Compared to Midtown and Buckhead, where you might be closer to the action, renting a modern apartment here could save you $500 or more per month.

The Creek Native Americans had previously ruled the region before the arrival of American colonists. The Sandtown-Flat Shoals Trail was a part of a network of trade routes that ran from the Chattahoochee River to the ocean and ran along high ground. Over time, this path would develop into Flat Shoals Avenue. Following the Creek’s violent eviction in the 1820s, American citizens started to buy land in the region through the Georgia land lotteries.

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