Located between trendy post-industrial Blandtown and pristine Margaret Mitchell, this 1,000-home community retains its cool despite the nearby construction of Interstate 75. Underwood Hills was founded in 1902, and its original residents were all railroad workers for the Seaboard Coastline Railroad. The term “Upper Westside,” first established by marketers to describe the area to the north of Atlantic Station, has been widely adopted by the residents of Underwood Hills in recent years. Underwood Hills Park is less hip, but it’s a hidden gem with basketball and tennis facilities and more than enough playground equipment to keep the kids occupied.

The Works, an adaptive-reuse project by Selig Enterprises that has already attracted a Scofflaw brewery and a food hall by renowned chef Andrew Zimmern, is one such large-scale enterprise that promises to increase the area’s popularity among Atlantans. Customers of Hankook Taqueria and Atlanta Brewing Company may have been to Underwood Hills without even realizing it.

Condos in Underwood Hills are popular among first-time buyers because of their large size, age, and maintenance. (There’s a 700-square-foot cap, so don’t get your hopes up.) Even though Atlanta is dominated by bungalows, the city’s streets benefit from an abundance of Colonial-style homes. Three bedroom homes priced in the later form have recently sold for $400,000 to $500,000.

The neighborhood was established in 1902, but development slowed until the 1920s because of the neighborhood’s location on the city’s outskirts. At the time, the adjacent Seaboard Coast Line Railroad provided employment for many locals. During the postwar era of prosperity, construction in the area continued. Some homes in northwest Atlanta were demolished in the 1960s so that Interstate 75 could be built through the neighborhood, turning it into a residential island surrounded by the highway and major commercial arteries.

The Upper Westside of Atlanta is home to the unique community of Underwood Hills. Including single-family houses, apartments, townhomes, condominiums, and commercial and light industrial firms, this urban neighborhood is diversified and welcoming to families.

All the best Atlanta has to offer, including its restaurants, shops, parks, and other attractions, are just a short drive from Underwood Hills, which is situated near the city’s center (including our own beloved Underwood Hills Park). Many people in Underwood Hills have gone to great lengths to ensure that they may continue living in their cozy community.

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